New Jersey Murder Defense

Assaultive crimes, including murder and attempted murder, all raise legal questions and defenses:

  • Did the accused act in self-defense?
  • Did the accused's actions cause the injuries that resulted in death or was there an intervening cause?
  • Does the evidence prove that the accused is the killer or is it a case of mistaken identity?

A major consideration in many murder and other violent crime cases is the accused's state of mind. Was the accused "insane" at the time of the murder, according to the strict requirement for such a defense? Or was the accused unable to form the purpose to do the act or was he or she simply reckless due to some outside influence (like intoxication)? An accused person may be found to be "not guilty by reason of insanity" (which leads to a long and complicated court proceeding on continued institutionalization, called "Krol status"). Every case presents its own set of challenges.

Our Respected Defense Lawyers for Manslaughter and Homicide Charges

If you or a loved one has been accused of murder or attempted murder, you will do well to hire a criminal defense lawyer with the highest possible level of experience. Your future and freedom — or your loved one's future and freedom — are likely on the line.

The Law Offices of Brian J. Neary has been handling New Jersey homicide cases, including those with highly publicized trials, for decades. We have been involved in all aspects of murder cases — from psychiatric defenses to self-defense to scientific challenges to evidence and death's cause. We know the issues and have worked with leading experts in these defense areas. We have the experience to deal with such things as media coverage and the special counsel necessary for the accused and his or her family in these extraordinary circumstances.

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Seeking an experienced attorney for a serious criminal matter? Our firm can answer your questions about murder charges. Contact us to discuss your case in confidence. With offices in Hackensack and Jersey City, we practice in state and federal courts throughout New Jersey.

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